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CoolDUCT is an AutoCAD(c) enhancement for HVAC Draughtsmen to create HVAC designs drawings or workshop detail drawings for site coordination and workshop manufacture.

Created by an experienced HVAC workshop detail draughtsman, CoolDUCT's features include automatic drawing of Extensive Rectangular and Circular Duct Fittings, Fire Dampers, Flex Ducts, Control Dampers and bought out  items such as Grilles, VAV Boxes, Access Panels, etc. All the ductworks are drawn by using double lines and provide the duct information such as duct size, length, insulation, flange, air quantity, system, duct end step down and construction line. The information will be retained within the ductwork. An CAD ductulator has been created to check duct air velocity and friction. CoolDUCT also has many powerful tools for creating double-line pipelines and fittings, piping schematics and air schematics. Most of the tools are complete with the dialog interfaces and all objects are created on the appropriate layers.

CoolDUCT has a lot of unique functions such as equipment schedule, duct piece number, block attribute modifiers, tag finder, text edit, etc. An easy-to-use library also allows you to create your own library.

The whole program was designed to be fully customized to suit your drawing standards and the files to be customized are all specified.

New Installation Download......... CoolDUCT LT (Metric Units) v1.0 Full Program for AutoCAD LT 2024. (10,205KB) For Windows  10 & 11

New Installation Download......... CoolDUCT (Metric Units) v7.2 Full Program for AutoCAD 2009 to 2024 & MEP. (10,671KB) For Windows  10 & 11

Upgrade Download...................... CoolDUCT (Metric Units) v7.2 Updated files for AutoCAD 2024 & MEP. (2976KB) For Windows 10 & 11

New Installation Download..
....... CoolDUCT (Metric Units)
v5.9 Full Program for AutoCAD 2008 to 2021 & MEP. (10,366KB)  For Windows 7

Upgrade Download...................... CoolDUCT (Metric Units) v5.9 Updated files for AutoCAD 2021 & MEP. (3,165KB)  For Windows 7

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